Power vs. Force

How have we as a culture confused power with violence and force?

Thus shunning our full capacity to live in the world and contribute to life itself? And how does this affect you and those you love in your life as it is right now?

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Being powerful does not mean living through violence or force or becoming an oppressor but many of us fear this– it’s  such a prevalent model—thus, to protect ourselves and those we love, we avoid or skirt the edges of our own full power and potential.

How is not being in your full power impacting your Life and the world around you? How is pushing to be in power impacting those around you and your own system?

What if claiming your power meant you could fully express your yes’s and no’s claiming your Life more fully?
What if fully embracing your power means more pleasure, depth, connection?
What if fully embracing your power could shift the dynamics of overwhelm, victim-hood, helplessness?
What if ease and joy are a direct result of proper connection to and use of your power?

These are some of the questions we explore in group sessions.
Bring yourself and together we will unravel some of these tangled threads.

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