Yes and…

Yes and

juggleThis is a week-long challenge for you—

It is a mindfulness practice but it’s also a concrete action that can change your mind and support reduction of inner and outer conflict in your life.

We talk a lot about the impact of being positive, the impact of positive thoughts on who and how we are—this is a practice that can support the building of strong, positively oriented neural pathways.

Our minds and bodies respond differently to different words—Yes and No for example…same with But and And…


Here’s the drill:

Stop saying BUT. Replace it with AND…what’s going to happen? More creativity, more accountability, and a higher level of self awareness about why do you or don’t you do what you do—“but” get us out of commitments lightly, “and” asks us to think a bit more clearly about our actions and to be accountable in a different way.

“I was going to put out the garbage BUT I forgot”. I was going to put out the garbage and I forgot.” Simple. And you automatically have a deeper internal experience when you use an inclusive and expansive word—AND.

Same with yes and no—can you use yes instead of no more often, what does it take to say yes to set a limit?

Can you stay after class today? “Yes, I wish I could, and sometime I will, today I am going right home.” (Versus, No I can’t, I have to go home.) How do each of these feel to say…? Living a “Yes and” life is so different from a “no but” life…your choice…even if it’s a “yes and I screwed up”, the energetics and simple truth in that versus “um not, um but I um…



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