Risk caring so much your heart breaks

I have been working with the following quote for some days now; it touched me so deeply in its simplicity and deep call to personal integrity and the heart of what true activism is.

“The gift you carry for others is not to attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it. You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place.”
Bill Plotkin, SoulCraft

What changes when we recognize we belong to the world?
How do we take our place in this and truly believe it?
Living collectively as if the world belongs to us for so many generations has alienated us from ourselves, each other, and the web of life we are intrinsically connected to.

Devoting ourselves to belonging to the world, feeling ourselves part of it, not separate, is a Life’s Work. Where do we begin?

Slow down. Move at the speed of nature; fully rest sometimes, go faster others, a steady pace is a rare occurrence in nature, breakneck speed unheard of…

Listen and look. Ok, yes we are listening and looking all the time. Listen and look as a practice – bring your full attention to your surroundings – preferably in the natural world. See what comes, imagine it’s important.

Allow What Is. Sounds simple but we spend a significant amount of time resisting what is, trying to change, fix, or ignore it… being with what is, as it is, is a powerful remedy for depression, anxiety and malaise – these are the conditions of accepting the conditions of these times, being with what is, as it is is a profoundly rebellious act. Please, rebel.

Risk caring so much your heart breaks. You do care this much but can’t spend much time there as it would impact your efficiency in the world as it is. Letting our hearts break is the gift we can give to this moment in time – and, on the other side of heartbreak there is often deep joy and appreciation for what is… take this risk.

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