shattered have-we-found-the-new-normal

“Shattered”—have we found the new normal?!

This expression shows up in my office and in conversations, day after day.


We are shattering and this goes for you, me and us, for them, for the collective, for systems, for structures…we are shattering.

The beauty in this, from this place of death or utter brokenness, is that NOW we can re-form ourselves, our communities, our cultures.

Doesn’t this almost feel like cause for celebration?!

WHOA! Broken? Great, must be time to RE-FORM…

The time of hiding our cracks, chips, blemishes is over. We must learn to see the beauty in brokenness. Intentionally attending to imperfection reminds us that everything, yes everything, has a rightful place. Everything belongs and everything contributes.

Wabi-sabi, a Japanese art form* helps anchor the beauty in this narrative of shattering/brokenness. Wabi-sabi is the fine art of gluing broken pieces of pottery back together. Of collecting and re-forming shards…but here’s the really gorgeous piece—with gold. In this season, as you shatter, break, even just chip…please, be sure you use golden glue. Be sure you illuminate the cracks and let the special light of shatter shine through.

Added up, piece by piece, all of Life, ourselves included, is a unique and precious artistic expression– so shatter-on dear community.

*Yes, this is appropriation—I am taking the wisdom of another culture and the expression of unknown artists as a tool, with this acknowledgement I am proceeding. I offer my gratitude to those whose art form I am using as a teaching tool.

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