winter solstice

Winter Solstice 2021

Oh how bowing to the darkest moment feels so necessary this year.

Bowing to the darkness and bowing to the darkness and bowing to the darkness…
This season I am allowing myself to belong to the darkness… granting myself time in the pre-dawn dark to fully descend and imagine, maybe remember, places where the only light comes from the creatures who have adapted and create their own luminescence…

Creating our own luminescence only comes from staying down in the dark long enough to adapt, to know the dark all the way inside and then finding our way out again…go in and down, and stay a while dear humans. Work with the fear that there is no way back up and out, work with the despair and outrage of all that lives in the shadows…from here your personal reclamation of your light touches deepest.

Yes, eventually, hopefully with Faith tested and with cultivation of patience and humility, you will rise. May you rise luminescent. And may we rise together. May we remember. May we choose love, really choose love; bodymind love, embodied love, of the flesh and to the bone love…ideas of love also must have their time in the dark to shatter and rot to die and be reborn. Whoever you are, stranger or close in person, I love you. Love is precious but not in need of conservation.

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