mother and daughter holding each other, standing on a sandy beach watching the sunset

Take A Break And Just Be

Put down the book.
(Turn off the audiobooks/podcasts/Tedtalks etc.*)
Take a break from filling up your mind and your time…and just be.

This is the message I received as I parked myself on my beach chair on day one of my vacation–I carried 6 really good books with me and figured I’d read them all and maybe raid a library somewhere…well. I listened and offer you the same wise advice.

What I learned, but not from any book, is that what is right in front of me has so much to teach…listen, look, stay with it even when you get fidgety, stay still, let your thoughts meander, let the repetitive layers work themselves out. This takes time and space. May you find yourself some.



* I added the audiobook/podcast part as I know so many of you do this in lieu or reading…

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