Book Review: Archetypes of Motherhood

Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder

Been a mother? Going to be? Been a father? Going to be? Live in our culture? Please read this.

This powerful and shocking story totally totally nails the deepest archetypes of motherhood — and by doing so, brings the horror and violence of this aspect of our patriarchal culture to light in a powerful, necessary way. It’s not just a radical and important book, it’s also beautifully, intelligently, and humorfully written.

Imagine trying to shop for crunchy snacks with a toddler and heightened near-animal sense of smell while the enormity of patriarchal society loomed behind every box of farm-themed crackers, in the crackle of every pretzel bag you picked up.

I will go so far as to attest that the unbelievable is another way of knowing, an organizing principle that does not run in contradiction to, but rather, in communion with, the organizing paradigms of science unbelievable, while perhaps not communicating straightforward truths, can communicate deeper truths if a person is willing to be patient, to listen, to contemplate.

One book at a time we tear down, loosen, and reform our own realities, this is activism, this is necessary, please, read. XX

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