Tiny Habits: A+A=P

The Return of Tiny Habits

Ahhh, the equation…A+A=P
Yes. Action plus awareness equals practice… practices are, well, tiny habits… My suggestions for Tiny Habits usually take 30-60 seconds though they can always be extended or returned to.

As the season begins to turn, the portal to a re-turn to, or deepening of, PRACTICE opens… what are you doing, every day, to consciously bring ceremony, ritual, presence to your life? Small actions add up and change how we experience ourselves and the world—more presence, gratitude, joy, delight, even neutrality—always room for more of these in Life. This is simple, so very simple, it is NOT easy. Start small, keep going.

As the darkness begins to rise—mark it. Every. Day.

How about this?

Light a candle.
So very simple, so very doable… do this every day at the same time—maybe upon waking… AND start by recognizing the lack of light, the lack of flame, the lack of warmth emanating from the candle. AS you light the match, bring the flame to the wick, notice your own ability to create light, to nurture this small space of warmth, care, potential… this small action combined with awareness (AKA consciousness) may set the course of your day—moving you towards recognition of your agency, especially as light maker-bringer-tender.

Please note: I INCLUDED the shadow, I did not JUST focus on the light… as I see it, just attending to the light, ignoring the darkness – a cultural-collective habit – is excluding half of reality. Practices need to allow for wholeness—the darkness is part of why we light the candle… it is true that what we pay attention to we become, but it is also true that what we resist persists… so, attend to wholeness, focus on light, allow darkness without resistance… practice teaches us so much.

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