The First One’s the Devil

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First One’s the Devil, or New Age Mind F***


OK so you’ve been praying for…new job, new home, new partner…for a while, along comes said thing. It’s pretty good, not perfect, but good, the little niggling feeling in your tummy, or the mild anxiety, or mild uneasiness must be…self sabotage, not recognizing a good thing when you see it, greed, general inability to compromise…right?!

I’m here to say, very often, the first thing is the Devil…*God’s little test.

Did you really want exactly this, these qualities etc, or are you willing to compromise*? (And good people compromise-don’t you want to be a good people?)

Because of our gotta-be-good spiritual voice, we convince ourselves that good enough is what *God had in mind, we convince ourselves that exactly what we want doesn’t exist. Really?

The good news is this—either way you’ll get where you are going, that’s how it works.

But you may get there with a few more break ups or moves than you had envisioned.

Love yourself, trust the inner voice that says “something isn’t quite right”. Stick with yourself and your process until this clears or clarifies. Do not let Life, bosses, men, wives, rush you. Do not let your own thought process, AKA chewing on your own tail confuse you. Wisdom is steady and deep, but it’s also subtle and asks for attention and time to fully reveal itself.

You seek truth and harmony and the road to this is integrity with Self.

You want what you want, you need what you need, don’t negotiate with the Devil—he really doesn’t have your best interests in mind.


*It’s been said that good intentions pave the way to Hell, I say, no, compromise is paving the way to Hell…or at least to the demise of humanity on Earth.

*God can mean anything you want it to

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