Wall of bones with three skulls

These HolyUnHoly Times

We are in the HolyUnHoly Times of finding our way back towards our essential humanness by knowing and not knowing in equal measure. The temples are falling, the towers askew, false gods on every corner. Where we are certain we know, we do not and where we believe we do not know, mostly, we do. And we believe each other when we should not and mistrust each other when trust is the clearest way forward…like the Romans who poisoned themselves to extinction by sipping leaden wine, our madness has stopped being concealable and every one of us holds a weighted wine glass.

The imprints of the broken bones we all carry inside our bodies are forgotten history and untold stories. Yet history is told by a few while the broken bones of the many are stacked all around us like invisible cairns. Because we do not know these stories we carry them with us, limping about silently seeking cast and crutches and reaching for painkillers—actually just trying to right broken systems. All of us. All of us. 

One of Bert Hellinger’s most poignant, and commonly known quotes is “May you know joy irrespective of your circumstances.” I wish this for you, for all of us, this is a prayer and a call to healing what we can when we can and with whom we can—this is possible and why I keep calling folks into The Knowing Fields. 

 There is no peace when the stories held in the bone stacks are forgotten. Here we are.

What to do you wonder?


Here are a few practices to work with your own madness (yes you are mad, we all are):

  1. Catch yourself when you say “I don’t know” and make sure you didn’t just cancel yourself out.
  2. Do nothing some portion of every day—a radical act and if you survive it, this is a true remedy to all forms of madness.
  3. Love your enemy, work at this, no excuses, include yourself.
  4. Take the time to stop and bury the bodies of dead things.

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