Tiny Habits: BOTH… AND


Start with what troubles you; OMG the pine beetles, the algae in the Klamath river, where are the birds? Be with this, notice the sensations that arise in your body, allow them their place for a few breaths. Stay just a little longer than you normally do (or a little shorter if you tend to dwell here). Now. Move on. Give this 60-90 seconds, not more.

Now: Right in front of you somewhere is something amazing, real, alive, thriving.
This is certain. You must find it and attend to it.
Oh! The tiny apples just outside my window, soon-to-be food, oh! The blooming, fragrant stargazer! The way my body is comfortable and easeful right this minute…Take a few breaths here, cultivate amazement, gratitude, simple presence. Stay a little longer than usual, if you are inclined towards getting lost in amazement, wonderful, keep going.

This practice will create strength, tether you to truth, promote steadiness inside and out.

Together we must get past the 1st stage of grief: denial.
We must be with Life as it is and allow everything including death, suffering, and discomfort its place of belonging. We must also discipline ourselves to attend to what is and always will be truly marvelous. This is a powerful, life changing practice– it is also the truest remedy to our anxiety, our depression, our fear and it is how we dream that personal and collective dream of the future that we long for.

Open your eyes and allow all of Life a place in your heart. See horror and beauty – BOTH… AND celebrate Life and death. Keep going, we are on our way. We must do this, let’s do it… together.

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