Tiny Habits: Leaving to Stay

Leaving to stay: the practice of planned “vacations”.

For many sensitive people, one of our coping tools has been to disappear… when it gets too intense, when we get overloaded, when we think we can’t bear “it” and POOF: we are in the room, but not in the room… know what I mean?

This may have been an excellent strategy in the past, but as adults with tools, this residual habit may be costing us and those we love. If you are getting feedback, direct and indirect, that you are not being present—your child shouting mama 100 times, your people feeling hungry for attention or wanting more of you (this takes discernment of course as sometimes our people can be a bottomless pit of need—you know), mistakes in your work… well, you may be taking too many unplanned “vacations”—poof where’d you go?

Here’s the remedy:
PLAN your “vacations”– simply apply intention and attention (AKA consciousness) to your actions… so instead of surprising yourself and others with your disappearances, plan them.
This will make all the difference.

Try taking 2-3 intentional vacations a day… before you disappear plan a 3-5 minute break… stare out the window, close your eyes, whatever gives you the respite you need.

Leaving to stay. Let me know how it goes for you. xx

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