Using our bodies to create peace

Placing your hand on your heart

is frequently an automatic response to a surprise or sad news… Did you know that placing your hand on your heart (or your belly) actually causes the body to release oxcytocin? (Oxcytocin is a “bonding” or love hormone.)

So train yourself, especially during hard conversations or moments of conflict, to touch your heart. This is a powerful cue to your brain about how to respond to the situation at hand—the expression “that really touched my heart”—impacted me, opened, me, woke me up…is what we mean when we say that right? So, to express that to yourself, but also whomever you are interacting with creates an opening to a deeper truth—and deeper truths tend to connect us and link us even if they are difficult.

Touch your heart, and in so doing, touch the hearts of others. Finding more gentle, more present ways to be with ourselves and each other is of paramount importance isn’t it?

Continued next week…

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