Seeing our own reflection

Seeing our own reflection.

spider eyesHow are you reflecting Spring madness?

As a being of this Earth, surely you are mirroring the season…rain or sun or warm or cold or still hunkered down or way way out touching sky in glorious color…or all of that…

Feeling chaos? Alarm is saying Wake up! It can be a shock after a winter of dormancy.

Feeling uncertainty? Well of course. Life’s just a jumble of questions–Will the shoot make it to the surface, are the roots strong enough, will the weather prove to be enhancing or destructive—we just do not know.

Feeling broken? Great! Let’s remember that seed pod—it totally shatters to let the shoot out, no other way people, just not other way.

So, enjoy the madness, don’t take it so personally. …remember that all the stories, across the planet, across cultures and times, of “God” creating us in her image…what if this, this total Spring madness, is what’s meant by that?

It’s likely that through this long winter, through the stillness and darkness, you were laying the ground for this moment; roots slowly finding their way deeper, seed pod taking in abundant water and nutrients…you are, probably, ready…and if you are still, your time will surely come – different beauties bloom at different times…

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