Accurate Reflection – as THE evolutionary tool

Accurate Reflection as THE evolutionary tool

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I met a man, teacher, mystic, David LaChapelle. David gave me an incredible gift, which I have practiced diligently over the years and have finally adopted as my core tool in working with others.

David saw me—not my personality but the very pure heart of me—and over time he reflected that essence of myself back to me again and again regardless of the “state” I was in.

Kindly, he laughed at my ego, gently, he chided my internal judge, he also questioned my ambition and nudged at my anxiety; never straying from his clear perception of the me under all of that.

Lo and behold, my self understanding shifted, my ability to see those around me shifted, and my ability to differentiate my true self from my current reality shifted.

And… lo and behold, as I began to try this at home—yep, experimenting on my child, husband, and other loved ones-Life really got more fun, smooth, easy, and everything around me lightened up immeasurably.

zera nuzzleIf you experience yourself any way other than content, peaceful or available for what Life is asking of you, you might want to re-evaluate which self it is you are interacting with. (Clue: look for the unchanging, unflappable, present and still Self and if you need some tools to help you get there, call me.)

PS Nothing actually needs changing…except our perception.


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