BE YOUR RADICAL SELF: a simple imperative


1.  Arising from or going to a root or source; basic.

2.  Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic.

3.  Relating to or advocating fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions.

What a beautiful word! When did the meaning of this word shift and begin to make us uncomfortable? (Not really a question, this is easy enough to trace and track isn’t it?)

What if your destiny is “basic”–return to source, find your roots—become your radical self. Maybe this is the resonant call of these times.

Where are you coming from in your actions and movements? Source?
If not, why not? Could it be because the system you belong to asked you not to?


Is it time to change the system? Is this possible? Yes. But humbly, humbly, and wholeheartedly—just do your part.

We are in liminal space; between times… Layer upon layer of ways, of norms, of what we could count on are disintegrating and breaking down. Yet our way forward is unclear—take marriage for example; rooted in possession and control, marriage is no longer working as a safe and supportive container for so many of us and the breakdown is all around us. The new rules of partnership/marriage are emergent, not landed, and radical in nature; love at the center, love as the surround, love as the bottom line… is this what your marriage (partnership) stands for, is rooted in? Isn’t this what you long for? Well, this is RADICAL. Stand for the changes you believe in, if you are on your way with this, keep going.

So, feeling like you are going crazy for how you are feeling and what you are thinking? Not new.

Feeling like there’s something missing but not sure what? Not new.

Depression, anxiety of unknown origins? Not new BUT epidemic in proportion…

Ready to reclaim your roots, to stand in Source, to act from this place we call home? New! Needed! It’s time!

We long to be rooted, we long to connect to source, we long for tribe/community/village…and we are uncertain where to find it and/or we are beginning to question the cost of belonging to current systems. Most places of belonging are not well rooted and sourced…wars, schools, gangs, cults…not radical places but places to land, and we are desperate for ground. We are desperate for place and belonging.

So, time for radicality; find new ground, stand with others.

Redefining yourself and including your radical nature might be the most important thing and as with all of the things I Iove to rant about, it is simple, not easy.

Keep going, go slow, ask for help, and trust your movements—do not look for results out there, change takes time. Instead, look for peace in yourself, and feel your roots.

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