Tiny Habits: Got Overwhelm?

Got overwhelm?

Overwhelm is one of the by-products of being sensitive as well as a repercussion of our inhumanely fast moving lives. What to do and how to cope?

Most sensitive people – yes, you – have one or two “go-to” ways of coping with overwhelm.

“Leaving” is a big one… stressed? Yes, oops off on a mini vacation to space… it can be a long way back and may scare your people as “disappearances” don’t tend to work well in relationships.


“Staying”, maybe better described as heel digging; slowing things down as a reaction to outer movements or in an attempt to gain control where it has been lost. Stressed? Yes, I’ll just leave treadmarks on the highway of Life (and rip my sneakers and feet to shreds in the process). In this case reaction is the operative word – of course slowing down can also be an intelligent response to chaos… so as always, discernment is required every step of the journey.

Anyway, here is a remedy to whatever your strategy is:


One hand on belly, one hand on heart, breathe.
Recognize gravity – this is a real sensory cue for your body and system, recognizable as a gentle downward force.
Find your feet, connect them to below… now, stay.

That’s all.
Practices are 100% effective… if… you do them.

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