Pick Up Your Feet

Based on my time with so many fellow humans, as well as in my own life, I have named this fall-to-winter season “twist in plot” — we all seem to have thought we knew where we were going yet found ourselves knocked, blasted, or nudged off planned course… AKA humbled by Life. Maybe, in this new time we are in, it would make more sense to face that we really don’t know where we are going and maybe do not need to… it seems that we do ultimately end up in right-placement.
Right-placement is not always fun or comfortable.
Right-placement often challenges us to work more honestly with our will force, our ego, our desire for control. Always, I repeat, always, worthy work.

My teacher David LaChapelle used to say, you are being taken along the freeway of Life, you can drag your feet and leave treadmarks or pick them up.

We will continue to find our way… I hope you are finding your way with touches of Grace, Mercy, and simple delights close at hand. Oh, and, if you can,  pick up your feet!

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