On staying slow… wander and wonder

At the risk of being redundant, I am here to say, slow down, forget the return of the light, it will get here but right now it is still Rest O’Clock.

You (probably) need more rest.
You (probably) need more silence.
You (probably) need more ease and peace.

Our capitalistic society and patriarchal culture have trained us out of these things and tricked us into believing in wars; war on our time, war on our connections with others, war on our natural cycles, war on just being… how do you know this? Because when you do these things, you feel a little guilty, like you might get caught, like you “should” be doing something else… those feelings are clues about the cultural trances you are entangled with.

Take a scroll, podcast, sharing/selfie, information gathering break for a few days.
Instead wander and wonder, write and wrangle the boredom demons… beyond boredom is…

You and your bright and free mind.
You, and your potent ability to think, feel, act, and connect.
Happy New Year – be unstoppable in your pursuit of possibility.

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